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What is the "Kreative Kick Youth Summit" ?
This summit was created to enlightened the millennials of today,
aiming to join the Creative/Entertainment industry, 
yet still skeptical on how to go about it and 
with no or little perception of what it requires 
to work within it and live off of it.

Hoping to break mental barriers, of this quick fix mentality on "becoming an instant hit" within the industry, pushing the agenda of focusing on the importance on today's creative education and exposing the pros & cons of what it takes to achieve success by voiding the gaps necessary to obtaining breakthroughs within the field.

It's Mission:
The KREATIVE KICK summit aims to give a kick start influence to any youth (Aged 16-25) interested in joining this industry, or expend their creative talents in the right direction, offering them a safe platform to get inspired by a well selected few established speakers panelists, with proven track records, and expertise within the creative and entertainment industry, who's focus will be on expressing their truth about their own life experiences and growth within the field.We will be exclusively engaging the youth on a wide spectrum of creative backgrounds, ranging from Fashion,Photography,Film,Media,Music,Dance,
Makeup & Sports.
It's Purpose:
The Kreative Kick progeneration is a given platform to expose the reality of what takes place within the creative industry and more over to empower and guide further academic development amongst the present participant, who are eager to join this field.Additionally helping them become active citizens through such debates, discussing issues surrounding the topic thought the opportunity of a live Q&A at the end of each speakers session. Moreover, this event will benefit the present participant make a more decisive choice for their future career path within the Art sector. 
Additionally this platform's purpose is to support the United Nations youth initiative to not only focus on celebrating the youth aged between 16-25 for the "International Youth Day" which takes place every year on August 12th, but also focus on this year U.N chosen theme titled: "TRANSFORMING EDUCATION".