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Kreative Kick organizes a yearly Youth Summit, 
with the aim to support the youth, who owns creative insight and are motivated to grow and be inspired to learn new skills within the creative industry.

What's the "Kreative Kick" Youth Summit?

This summit was created to enlighten the millennials of todayaiming to join the Creative/Entertainment industry, yet still skeptical on how to go about it and 
with no or little perception of what it requires 
to work within it and live off of it.

Hoping to break the mental barriers, of this quick-fix mentality of "becoming an instant hit" within the industry, pushing the agenda of focusing on the importance of today's creative education and exposing the pros & cons of what it takes to achieve success by voiding the gaps necessary to obtaining breakthroughs within the field.

Its mission:
The Kreative Kick Youth Summit was birthed out to support and promote the United Nations Educational Agenda, to empower and inspire the youth on International Youth Day (August 12th) yearly, with the aim of supporting & introducing the youth to a future full of possibilities, by providing them with a Kick Start interest within the Creative and Entertainment sector.

Its Purpose:
To champion, a thriving creative industry, acting always in the best interests of the youth, and wider society, working towards sustainable development goals to ensure:
-That each young person is empowered to achieve their full potential,
and that recognizes young people's resilience
and their positive contribution as agents of change.

All to help them broaden their educational mindset by being able to enroll within such programs and expand their vision of future career prospects, using this yearly summit, which will convene a range of bright and experienced panelists and multiple award-winning celebrities from this industry, working to accelerate social impact.

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updated January 2023.